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City of Derry Building Society Club Doubles

06 05 2013


Competitors Responsibilities. To ensure that each round is played within the established time limits it is important that all competitors assume responsibilities, however the responsibility for arranging the match lies with the bottom pair drawn and then listed in the draw throughout the competition. Responsibilities are as follows:


·         All Members are to give contact details on the entry sheet i.e.: Home/Mobile Number.

·         The bottom pair drawn are to attempt to contact the top pair within the first week and arrange a date/time suitable to both pairs to ensure that they play their match within the time limit of that round.

·         If the bottom pair are unable to make contact, within the first week of that round, they are to inform Mr Robert Curry and Mr William O’Brien who will then attempt to make contact with the top pair on the draw.

·         If the bottom pair has not made contact within the first week of that round without a valid reason for not doing so they may be deemed to have conceded the match and the top pair will go forward to the next round.

·         It is the responsibility of both pairs to ensure that they play their match within the time limits for each round. In the unlikely event that neither pair can come to a mutual agreement to do so the Committee will come to an informed decision. Competitors who fail to play their match within the specified time limits as directed by the Committee may be disqualified (Rule 6-3a).