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Golf Centre Membership Fees 2020

Faughan Valley Golf Centre Membership fees for 2020 will run from the 1st April 2020 until 31st March 2021. Please see below for details including rates and downloadable Centre Membership Application and Direct Debit Forms.

Monthly Direct Debit
 Gents  £395  £35
 Ladies  £315  £27
 Young Adult (29 or under)  £275  £25
 Student (Student ID Required)  £165  N/A
 Junior (18 or under, 1st January 2019  £95  N/A


Faughan Valley Golf - Flexible Membership

Flexible Membership is designed to suit modern lifestyles and is also an ideal membership for those trying golf for the first time and do not wish to commit to the expense of a full cost subscription.

It is a membership for those who want to be fully involved with their Golf Club, play friendly games at the weekend, competition golf, or a relaxing few holes at the end of the day with like-minded people,
Flexible Members can come to Faughan Valley as real members with the privileges of official handicaps, access to and the support of the Club.

The number of rounds that can be played with Flexible membership depends on when they are played. A full breakdown is available on request. The Club’s software keeps a real-time record of the credits used. Unused credits from the initial annual payment at the end of the subscription year cannot be rolled forward, however any ‘top up’ may be carried forward, and added to the next year’s annual membership payment.

This scheme is a fair and very cost efficient form of membership, which gears the rounds that you play to your subscription.

When you join Faughan Valley Golf Centre under this scheme, your initial subscription of £150 will permit you to apply to join the Golfing Union of Union through Faughan Valley Golf Club.

Flexible membership provides you with 180* credits which will be held on your membership account and you can use them solely for your own rounds of golf. The number of rounds you can play will depend when you choose to play. For example, if you want to play at peak times during the weekend, then your 180 credits will provide up to 12 rounds of golf. If you choose to play at off peak times, then you could manage to play 22 rounds of golf.

The week is split into three separate periods, weekend, weekday and twilight rates.

You will be able to ‘top up’ your membership as needed at multiples of £100 for 120 credits. Any top-ups can be carried forward to the next membership year provided you pay the next annual fee when due.

*180 credits if you convert all of the initial £150 into playing credit, however if you apply to join the GUI affiliated club then £30 will be deducted, leaving £120 for playing credits, equal to 144 credits.

Faughan Valley Golf Club Membership 

In addition to the centre membership, Faughan Valley Golf Club continue to accept members. Membership of the Club entitles you to have a GUI recognised handicap, as well as being able to enter Club Competitions.

FAUGHAN VALLEY GOLF CLUB -  New Membership £35   Membership Renewal £30

The club also administrate  Insurance cover as endorsed by the GUI. This insurance policy costs £25 per year,- covers  golf  equipment, personal effects, personal liability and personal accident.