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Congratulations to all winners of the "Turkey Sheets" Competitions

 Congratulation to all the Winners of this years "Turkey Sheets "

Sheet No 1. Lee O'Connor 42pts

Sheet No 2. John McCourt 45pts

Sheet No 3. Marc Doorish 44pts.

Sheet No 5. Niall O'Connor 41pts

Sheet No 6. Alan Campbell 47pts

Sheet No 7. Gerald McDaid 40pts

Sheet No 8. Nigel Downey 41pts

Sheet No 9. Denis Cox 39pts

Sheet No 10. Terry Dornan 42pts

Sheet No 11. James Dazell 46pts

Sheet No 12. Nigel Downey 42pts

Sheet No 13 . Dan Maude 43pts

Sheet No 14. Bernard Devine 44pts

Sheet No 15. Niall O'Connor 43pts

Sheet No 16. Thomas Parkhill 46pts

Sheet No 17. Nigel Downey  43pts

Sheet No 18. Niall O'Connor 42pts

Sheet No 19. Alfie Campbell  40pts

Sheet No 20. Dennis Cox 41pts

Sheet No 21. Terry Dornan 38pts

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